…are about being human, about the indescribable beauty and wonder, the mystery and fear, the joy and gratitude that humanity brings. They are about the ugliness of tragedy and loss. They are about the indefinable and profound sadness that life must end.

These are notes about paradox: of love and anger, of kindness and venality, of belonging and rejecting, of needing and being needed. They are about humility before the emotions that make us who and what we are.

These notes are about those who “get it:”  the painter, the poet, the songwriter…those whose work cuts cleanly to some secret place. Against all our resistance, they tap our emotional wells of fear and need and insecurity, of love and joy and wonder. We keep no secrets from them.

These are notes about those who have reconciled to their humanity. They shine with peace and godliness and tolerance and acceptance and inclusion…because they know we are all in this together, that in the end, we have no control. They are at one with the mystery.

And these are notes about those who haven’t a clue, or maybe so incurious as to not think beyond the emotion of the moment. We know them, also.

These notes are without purpose other than to observe, to ask, to pique and create discussion, maybe to enlighten and be enlightened.  Perhaps they will reach someone who senses there is something more to be had, but knows not how to tap it.

These notes are not especially thematic. They are only musings. If they are connected, it’s only as thoughts follow one another.