..as we are to others?  The Golden Rule tells us to treat others as you we would want them to treat us.  But turn this around for a minute.  How about dealing with yourself like you deal with others?  If a friend makes a mistake, forgets something, does something dumb…do you ridicule him, get angry, demean her?  Not if she or he is really a friend.  You understand, you cut them a break, tell them it’s OK.  Because you love them, care about them, don’t want to hurt them.

But what do you tell yourself when you do the same thing?  Think of your own self-talk the next time you are about to put yourself down.  Stop for a minute.  Then, instead of talking inwardly, imagine yourself as second person standing in front of you, a friend you love very much (You do love yourself, don’t you?)  What would you say now?