I’m Bob Adamcik, author and curator of  “The Sentient Traveler.”  I was born on the Gulf Coast of Texas and studied ecology at Texas A&M (1974) and the University of Wisconsin (1977).  My education led to a career with a Federal agency.  But it also proved a vehicle for travel and cultural exploration.  Besides the U.S., I worked or studied in Canada, Chile, Puerto Rico and Australia.  In between were Federal posts in California, Texas, and Washington, D.C.  Since leaving Federal service in 2010, I’ve worked briefly Spain and lived some two years in France. I now reside in East Tennessee and travel extensively in Europe.

Somewhere along this road I developed a compelling curiosity about culture, language, history, religion, psychology and pretty much anything related to what it means to be human.  It haunts me always.  Over the years I’ve kept journals and written odds and ends for myself and others.  I expect that, by professional standards, my thinking is pretty elementary.  Still, it feeds a certain empathy, and the occasional artistic endeavor I manage releases an emotion in a way nothing else can.

I finally began this site as an online journal, in an attempt to catalogue my thinking.   Some of the entries I wrote or wondered about years ago, others are recent or ongoing.  Admittedly, it would be nice to attract a few like-minded souls to engage with around all this.  I’m a little tired of talking to myself!


st, 09/18/2015