Michael and Larry commented whether or not I’m an atheist.  As I note in my reply, one problem with labels is that people can’t leave them alone.  As support, I read the Wiki entries on “agnosticism,” “atheism,” and theism” and listed the variations and derivatives on these terms.

Here is what I found:

Agnostic, agnosticism, agnostic atheism, apathetic atheism, pragmatic agnosticism, platform agnostic, hardware agnostic, strong/hard/closed/permanent agnosticism, weak/soft/open/empirical/temporal agnosticism, christian agnostic, partial agnosticism, temporary agnosticism in practice, permanent agnosticism in principle, ignosticism, implicit atheism, theist, atheist, explicit atheism, positive/hard/strong atheism, negative/weak/soft atheism, spectrum of theistic probability, theological noncognitivism, theistic nativism, practical atheism, pragmatic atheism, methodological naturalism, epistemological atheism, immanence, rational agnosticism, skepticism, logical positivism, metaphysical atheism, relative atheism, logical atheism, theodician atheist, axiological or constructive atheism, atheistic existentialism, atheistic Judaism, christian atheist, new atheism, monotheism, polytheism, hard polytheism, soft polytheism, henotheism, kathanotheism, monolatrism, pantheism, panentheism, nontheism, deist, classical deism, deism, pandeism, panandeism, polydeism, autotheism, eutheism, dystheism, misotheism, liberal theism.

So, I repeat my question, “Am I an atheist?”