I think even the most reclusive of us find meaning through others…however far you have to reach for it.  Painters paint, builders build, musicians play, writers write, wine makers make wine.  The great creatives are often solitary or reclusive.  They must find intense passion and fulfillment in their work.  But what of their motivation or muse is shaped by others?  If there were no one for whom to create, would they still do it?  Would they be as fulfilled without an audience?

We’re social animals, and our social instincts influence almost all we do.   Our fellow travelers support our psyches, like air and water do our bodies.  Consciously or not, past or present, other people are catalysts for our thoughts, our motivations and our energies, even our dreams.

Human connection is our bulwark against madness, against profound loneliness, against fear of the universe and its unknowns.  If only one other person goes beside us, our road seems walkable, whatever its destination.  Alone, would it be worth traveling?