…is to allow the human spirit to flourish.  All the while I am reading John Gray and his empirical argument that humans are nothing more than other animals, I am at odds with myself.  On the one hand, I have to agree with him intellectually, empirically.  But on the other, I know in my gut that it is not true.  There is something more there, something intangible, but real nonetheless.  You see it more than anything in art and music and math, in the prodigies, the anomalies, the young children who seem to be from another planet, who seem to channel Chopin or Mozart, Picasso or da Vinci, or Fermin or Descartes.  You sense it in any truly transcendent human being.  We all know them when we see them, when we meet them.  There are psychic connections, spiritual connections, charismatic connections that transcend the physical.  And you know, even if you can neither understand nor articulate it, that there is something else going on, something beyond the physical, beyond DNA, beyond proteins and neurons.  There is something in the human spirit, when it is at its best, that transcends words and science.  I am convinced of it.