…something beyond us, a great transcendence, frustrating our desire to conceive of it, to connect.  But neither word nor thought is adequate, and we are left with an inner flame of longing.  In our frustration and inadequacy, we turn to one another, we collaborate, and in so doing have created many constructs that seem to work.  Does that matter?  I don’t know. Perhaps there are many routes to the Divine, and many claim to have found what they sought.

But for the restless, the unsatisfied, I think the gnostics had it right:  We are connected already. Perhaps we are dulled to that at birth, and some primordial realization of the loss is what frustrates us, makes us empty and unfulfilled.  In any case, I side with the gnostics.   The way to the Divine is inwards, not outwards.  It is only by going within ourselves that we come to accept our own divinity, and in so doing, find ourselves on the path.

But as frustrating as it is not to achieve it, I don’t think connection is the prize.  We’ll get that soon enough.  It’s the journey, the quest, that gives life it’s meaning.  If not, why bother?