Month: February 2016


Advanced prestidigitation’s Technological creations Make for quite a nice deception. While having made a long career Of deftly turning there to here, We’ve allowed for an exception: That mechanical advancements (Technological enchantments For going there and back again) Have yet to make quite passable The sadly unconquerable Path between the hearts of men. st, 1979 Talca ___________________ © 1979, R.S. Adamcik

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The Power of Night

The power of night Lies in universality. Darkness is darkness, And not seeing is Sometimes forgetting That a Chilean countryside Is not a Texas prairie, That the world at thirty Is not the world at seventeen. st, 1980 Talca ___________________ © 1980, R.S. Adamcik

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Intellectual Integrity

Some years into my own work, this term entered my personal lexicon:  Intellectual integrity.  It resonates in many ways, but ultimately comes down to being honest with myself. The mantra is,  “It’s all about me!”  Learn it, it will serve you well.  I heard it often from counselors and others, but it only came together after several years.  The result was the poem “Home Again.”   The instant you choose to rationalize, to evade responsibility, to accept contradictory interpretations of your actions, you’ve lost.  You have to strip yourself naked intellectually and accept what you see, to realize that your emotions often drive choices, and that choices are often defenses.  Until you seek to understand those choices and the reasons you do what you do every day, you can’t progress. ...

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Si el camino se hace al caminar, El que sigo al despedirme de tí Será camino inútil, Sin dirección, Sin destinación. Me llevará vagueando en el desierto Buscando el traguito mas pequeño Para aliviarme la sed. Me llevará al norte frio Buscando la llamita mas insignificativa Para calentarme el alma. Me llevará a las regiones mas últimas del espacio, Donde en su noche eterna Buscaré con desesperación Un solo rayo que me illumine el corazón. Pero quizás por fin me llevará al otro lado, Donde encontraré por fin la tranquilidad, Donde podemos existir aparte, Sabiéndo que somos uno En los ojos del universo. st, 3/5/05 Manhattan, KS ___________________ © 2005, R.S. Adamcik

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To sleeping Mother….

When in your prolonged twilight Will the beckoning rest of death Entice more than the mystery Of your life’s next happening? Will you one day lie to sleep And, in its sheltering mantle, Choose some earlier dream over the Lessening rhythm of your days? Let us pray… st, 11/29/05 driving home For mother… ___________________ © 2005, R.S. Adamcik

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Meaning lies in others…

I think even the most reclusive of us find meaning through others…however far you have to reach for it.  Painters paint, builders build, musicians play, writers write, wine makers make wine.  The great creatives are often solitary or reclusive.  They must find intense passion and fulfillment in their work.  But what of their motivation or muse is shaped by others?  If there were no one for whom to create, would they still do it?  Would they be as fulfilled without an audience? We’re social animals, and our social instincts influence almost all we do.   Our fellow travelers support our psyches, like air and water do our bodies.  Consciously or not, past or present, other people are catalysts for our thoughts, our motivations and our energies, even our dreams. Human connection is our bulwark against madness, against profound loneliness, against fear of the universe and its unknowns.  If only one other person goes beside us, our road seems walkable, whatever its destination.  Alone, would it be worth traveling?...

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Watching myself age reminds me of my dog…

I think of the last several years, seeing the changes in her coat, her skin, how she slept.  These days I see a lot of those same changes in me! They were a natural progression, and to be expected…same as in me.  But thinking this way brings to mind that last, final trip we made to the vet when she was fourteen.  Makes me wonder, and wary of anyone who gets to near me with a leash…...

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Why do we practice the religion of our parents?

Not everyone, but certainly nearly so.  Why else would the U.S. consider itself a Christian country?  Why would virtually all of South America be Catholic, the Middle East be Muslim, and much of China Buddhist?  Is it because each of these billions of individuals have critically analyzed their beliefs and just happened to reach the same conclusions as their parents…and nearly everyone else around them? I’m just sayin’…...

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